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Australia’s Most Trusted Wood Pellet Manufacturer.

  • Pellet Heaters Australia, premium hardwood pellets for heating. Premium Pellets currently unavailable, please phone for availability of pine pellets.
  • Available from our warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Woodburn.
  • We can organise local deliveries.

If you need any further information please phone Lyn Ph: 1800 267 567

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Seven Reasons to buy from Hardwood Pellets from Pellet Heaters Australia

premium quality wood pellet fuel

  1. Australian made.
  2. Hardwood pellets burn slower then softwood pellets.
  3. Hardwood Pellets reduce to just 1% Ash.
  4. Wood Pellet Heaters produce significantly less smoke & omissions then open fires.
  5. Manufactured from Australian Plantation Waste Timber.
  6. Pellet Heaters Australia has been producing pellets in Northern NSW since 2004.
  7. We have a strong environmental conscious & are Proud to Employ Australian workers

Sales & Wood Pellet Supplies

About Pellet Heaters Australia

Office Location – Wood Pellet Supplies

Our management and sales office is located in Woodburn on the North Coast of New South Wales about 1 ½ hours south of the Queensland/New South Wales border. Our wood pellets are all made at this location and are shipped all round Australia.

For those people who aren’t sure where Woodburn is we just say, “Near Byron Bay.”

The office and factory is actually approximately 30 minutes south of Ballina or 2 hours from the Gold Coast.

Pick-ups & Deliveries

factory location, Pick-ups

Factory Location

Our pellet mill is located at Woodburn in Northern New South Wales right on the main north, south route between Brisbane (3 hrs away by car) and Sydney (9 hrs away by car). It is about 30 minutes from the Ballina Airport.

Factory Information

Special Instructions:

This is not a retail outlet but we do assist people & companies with pick-ups & deliveries every day. If you need help organising the delivery of any of our products then simply give us a call on phone 02 6682 2012.

All pick-ups & deliveries should be by Richmond Street.

Complete Address:
9610 Pacific Highway,

Phone:  02 6682 2012
Contact: Lyn Scott
Operating Hours: 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

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About Wood Pellets

PHA Wood Pellets

What Makes a good Wood Pellet?

Naturally at Pellet Heaters Australia we would say that our people make a great wood pellets. And here’s why:

  • Australian made;
  • Quality pellets that won’t clog your burner;
  • Hardwood pellets burn slower (i.e. last longer) in many burner wood heater then softwood;
  • Less ash & smoke has been reported by our customers;
  • Quality Australian raw materials;
  • Supplying the very best product (since 2004);
  • Australian jobs.

What makes us the Best Company to deal with?

In addition to our state of the art facility in Woodburn NSW. Pellet Heaters Australia has depots in:

  • Sydney,
  • Melbourne,
  • Newcastle,

As well as immediate next day deliveries to the:

In short if you need it we can get it to you fast.

If you are looking for a reliable wholesale wood pellets or wood pellet supplier then please give us a call on 1800 267 567

We make premium quality wood pellet fuel and spill absorbents

Carbon Neutral & Green House Gases

The burning of wood pellet fuel is carbon neutral, provided that forest resources are being managed and harvested in a sustainable practice – such as the use of sawmill residues from plantation timber. As trees grow they secrete carbon in into their wood structure, through the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen with the atmosphere. When trees die and decompose, the carbon is released to the atmosphere and soil through decomposition, maintaining a net neutral carbon balance in terms of the contribution to greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Similarly, when wood is used as a fuel the stored carbon is returned to the atmosphere, largely through carbon dioxide and other gases, and the natural carbon cycle is maintained.

Located on the beautiful North Coast of NSW, right in the heart of plantation timber country, Pellet Heaters Australia (PHA) has access to an excellent and abundant source of raw materials, all from sustainable & renewable sources of plantation timber. PHA produces a variety of products at our factory at Woodburn. Our main product is Premium Australian Hardwood pellet fuel for the domestic market. We also produce a range of custom spill absorbents for a number of companies in their packaging. The largest portion of our production is for the domestic market, with some products going overseas.
Our plant produces and sells over 3000 tonnes of product annually.

Situated on the main north-south Pacific Highway, with easy access to the main eastern cities of Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne, we ship throughout Australia via truck. Our products are marketed in all capital cities.

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